My Life And Business Adventures

My Second Adventure

Portland SEO Services

My second adventure isn’t so much entrepreneurial but it was an amazing path to becoming an entrepreneur.  I learned so many skills that where I was able to get launched in to success.

I worked for an amazing startup up company it was an amazing SEO agency in Portland.  I am going to keep the name a secret here just in case I might say something that might offend them or who knows what but I am just going to keep the name a secret for now.

They were amazing people to work with because they knew what work meant and what play meant.  Their needs to be a work life balance and they knew how to do that.  They were amazing.  We worked an insane amount of hours but we also had an insane amount of hours to do stuff and activities that kept us fresh and new.  The work life mentality they had figured out to a tee.

What was also amazing was their off ice was right next to where I lived which is here


As you can see they are right in the heart of good old Portland and I loved working there.

But the most important part was the skills I learned working there.  I learned how to get any website to the first page of Google and doing it the way Google wants you to do it.  It is an amazing feeling when you actually see your website that you are working on show up on the first page.  Actually it is an absolutely amazing feeling kind of like an adrenaline rush sort of way.

So what I found out was once you knew what you were doing it was really easy to rank.  The problem I learned was that their are a lot of people and companies out there that have no idea what they are doing and they literally swindle people out of a lot of money and after that a lot of people have a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to anything digital marketing and especially SEO.

SEO has gotten a very bad rap because again a lot of people have gotten ripped off.  So that makes it really really hard for the SEO people that do know what they are doing to sell their services.  Which I understand why but it does make it a real bummer because I literally have something that has the potential to make them a lot of money but they are extremely hesitant because of all the people out their that have taken advantage of them.

So then selling SEO services just turns into a numbers game.  The more people you call in a day the more likely you will sell someone.  But the real magic lies in referrals.  When you get someone to the first page you have to give them some sort of incentive for them to tell all of their friends and family about us and how we did what we said we would.  That is the best way to grow your business.

I can go on and on but the skills I learned at that job catapulted my career.  If anything it boosted my confidence because when you sell anything you have to sell with confidence.  If you are not confident in what you are selling then the customer can see right through that and you will not sell.  Confidence is key and of course actually following through with what you said you would help also.  So do not ever sell anything that you are not confident about because you will never be successful then.

But the most important thing I learned was to never give up.

If you do not know what SEO is then check out this article here

So I say do yourself a favor and learn how to do SEO or hire someone you trust to do it for you because it can catapult your business.


My First Adventure

If you read my abut me page you will read that I grew up in Florida and I absolutely loved it.  I absolutely love the sun and can’t stand the cold rain and snow.  As you know I  lived up north for a while but could not stand it so that is why I moved permanently back to Florida.  I am never going to move back up north again unless I find someway to become a billionaire that can just fly back to the sun every weekend.  I have my fingers crossed.  It will happen.

Anyway my first venture was a lot of fun.  I was one of those kids that always had a lemonade stand at the end of my driveway.

We had a carnival that would come to town every year.  My parents would let us go on the first day because it was kids get in for free day and they would give us $20 for rides and after that they would not spend any more for us to go on rides.

So I had to get creative and find ways to make money so I could keep going on rides.  My  favorite ride was the zipper and I needed to keep finding ways of going on that ride.  You could say I was addicted to the ride.  And their was an entrance fee each day to the carnival but we were luck enough to live so close to it that they would let give us free passes for the whole week.  That was awesome. So all we had to do was earn enough money just for the rides and food.

Yes we did the old fashioned lemonade stand.  My mom would buy the Country Time lemonade powder for us and that was it.  Actually she also would buy the cups and help us make the lemonade.  Other than that we did the rest all by ourselves.

The people we would to sell to was amazing.  You had the cranky old people that would complain we are selling it for too much but still buy.  Then you had the people that would just plain say no and then their were the people that would stop their car in the middle of the street and buy a couple of cups because they remember doing a lemonade stand as a kid.  But every now and then you would get the awesome person that would just come buy and give us twenty or thirty dollars because they loved that we were earning money to go on rides.  They were the best ones and some day I want to be like that.

But those lemonade stands were my first exposure to making money for myself.  It was fun and I learned a lot from it.

But what I learned the most was what type of person I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wanted to be the type that stopped my car in the middle of the street to buy a lemonade and occasionally pay $20 for a lemonade when the occasion called for it.

But that was my first experience.